Refer a Friend

You are not logged in and will not earn any money if you refer a friend.

Pass It On: Earn £10.00 - Introduce your friends, family or work colleagues to and for each person that creates a new account via your special referral link we will reward you with £10.00 subject to your friend successfully completing two offers.

Here are some ideas on how to 'pass it on'

  • Send an email with your referral link (like the example below) to all your friends and family
  • Add your referral link to your own website and social networking profiles such us Google+, Twitter, Facebook and the like.
  • Submit your referral link to links pages and website directories.
  • Add your referral link to your signature on all the emails you send.
  • Add your referral link to the bottom of posts you submit on Internet forums.
  • Post articles and blogs about PaidOffers and use your referral link on sites like Wordpress, Blogspot and the like.

The more people you 'pass it on' to, the more money from referrals you'll make. So what are you waiting for?       

Please only send this to people you know. If we receive complaints that your referral links have been posted via unsolicited email or on discussion forums or newsgroups that do not allow such messages then your account will be terminated. 

Here is an example email you could send: